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Health Concern: The Common Cold

The Common Cold
Quick answer: If you think you are starting the get the symptoms of a cold or flu, start taking Gan Mao Ling immediately.

Other Names: Cold, flu

Description: stiff neck, neck pain, upper back pain, achy muscles, sore throat, excess mucus, fever, nasal congestion, stuffy nose, fatigue, earache

Cause: viruses

Common sense approach: Drink lots of fluids; Get lots of rest. Taking vitamin C or other anti-oxidants can reduce the length and severity of a cold.

Why the Western approach is bad: No cure for the common cold. Over-the-counter medications only deal with symptoms. It is impossible to immunize against the many different viruses which cause colds.

Elvis' recommendation: The common cold is one instance where alternative medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine in particular, is far superior to Western medicine. Since Traditional Chinese Medicine distinguishes between different types of colds, there are two options. First, you could take Gan Mao Ling, which treats both of these types of colds, or you can attempt to determine which type of cold you have.

wind-cold: chills, possible "slight fever without sweating, a headache, body-aches, upper back pain, a stiff neck and a stuffy nose with clear or white mucus" (Taylor 156).

wind-heat: "fever with little or no chills, slight sweating, thirst, headache and a sore, scratchy throat", and "nasal congestion with yellow mucus" (Taylor 121).

At first sign of a "wind-cold" cold take Gan Mao Ling.

And for a "wind-heat" cold take Yin Chiao tea, Yin Chiao pills, or extra-concentrated Yin Chiao tablets Gan Mao Ling. It is best to take these early on in a cold. You may also want to take Bi Yan Pian or Pe Min Kan Wan for nasal congestion (they are also used for allergies). These formulas are commonly taken with cold formulas like Gan Mao Ling to help clear nasal congestion.

In the event of a cold that last for an extended period of time, take ledebouriella sagely unblocks. Other products to try are herbal tea, and essential oils.


Taylor, Mark. Chinese Patent Medicines: A Beginner's Guide. Community Printers, Santa Cruz, CA: 1998.

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