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Rainforest Remedies Herbal Products

Rainforest Remedies Herbal Products
To this day, whenever natural or unnatural disasters destroy the Rainforest, the plants used in Rainforest Remedies (TM) are the first to return. For that reason, the ancient Maya called them the Guardians of the Forest. Bold, vibrant survivors, these plants have developed micro-nutrients which make them resistent to bacteria, viruses, paracites, and extreme competition. The Belizian Traditional Healing Council of Elders use and recommend these plants to strengthen and fortify the body, bringing about the balance which nature intended. "When the body is in balance, it resists all disease."

Usage: Both Mayan and Oriental Medicine have shown us that taking small amounts of these energizing micro-nutrients more frequently is more centering, thus more effective than taking larger doses less frequently. Therefore, we strongly recommend that when one begins to experience the discomfort of imbalance, one should take 10 drops of the appropriate remedy in 4 ounces of warm water hourly. When the feeling of balance begins to return, follow the label label instructions.

THESE EXTRACTS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. FDA requirements on manufacture of these products has made it impossible to continue to offer them.

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