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Auroshikha Incense

Auroshikha "True to Nature" Incense
Auroshikha's quality is based, first and foremost, on the selection of the finest natural ingredients to create the finest incense anywhere in the world. These ingredients are carefully sourced by the master French Perfumer who has been in charge of quality control for more than 25 years. Whether using Mysore Sandalwood, or Pine from the Himalayas, Lavender from France or the finest Patchouli from Singapore, he has also meet the stringent guidelines established by the International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland. Even items such as the bamboo sticks on which the incense is rolled are subjected to the careful scrutiny of the Auroshikha quality control team. Auroshikha uses fragrant woods, barks, herbs, and essential oils to create the most extraordinary range of "True to Nature" fragrances you will find anywhere in the world.

The use of natural fragrances and the avoidance of using glue or cow dung has helped Auroshikha create fragrances suitable for use as incense sticks in enclosed spaces. They do not contain any heavy metals and are certified non-toxic.

The incense sticks are hand-rolled in the traditional manner and then packaged by Indian villagers,who have developed a real cottage industry in South India to support the world-wide demand for the Auroshikha products. Auroshikha has helped the villagers succeed in improving their quality of life through their high local wage standards, as well as their financial support which enables a school for the village children, medical support as well as water and food. Auroshikha does not permit child labor in the production of its products; rather it has taken great pains to ensure that the children receive a regular education so they are prepared to live in the modern world as it is developing in India today.

Auroshikha Incense Sampler Pack18 sample fragrances in 3 minutes sticks (several of each scent). Makes a nice gift and introduction to incense.

Auroshikha Incense Sampler Pack 306-209Regular price: $8.00Sale price: $7.35
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