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Edward Tick

Edward Tick
Anne and Steve went to Greece and Crete with Ed in November of 2004. Anne traveled to Viet Nam with Ed in October of 2006. "War and the Soul" was launched on Veteran's Day November 2005. He returned to do workshops in Racine, WI in January of 2007. Ed is the Director of Sanctuary: Mentoring the Soul -- Click on the link.

Ed Tick's Sanctuary: Mentoring the Soul / soldier's heart link
War and the Soul by Edward Tick  (2005)War and the Soul by Edward Tick (2005)Healing our Nation's Veterans from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

War and the Soul by Edward Tick (2005) 500-600Regular price: $18.95Sale price: $15.00
The Golden Tortoise : Journeys in Viet Nam -- Edward TickThe Golden Tortoise : Journeys in Viet Nam -- Edward Tick"The Golden Tortoise" takes readers on journeys through Viet Nam today, visiting its sights to replace images of suffering with images of healing. Tick writes about battlefiels, Buddhist shrines, schools and villagers, expressing himself in the haibun form of Basho that combines travel narrative with poetry.

In "The Golden Tortoise" Ed has documented his annual practice for healing and reconciliation from war that began in 2000 when he started leading journeys for veterans back to Viet Nam in order to find peace.

Red Hen Press, 2005, 108 pages ISBN 1-59709-008-5

The Golden Tortoise : Journeys in Viet Nam -- Edward Tick 500-200Regular price: $15.95Sale price: $14.95
The Practice of Dream HealingThe Practice of Dream Healingsubtitle: Bringing ancient Greek Mysteries into modern medicine

Putting soul back into healing, this book paves the way for a truly holistic medicine.

The Greek god Asklepios was revered throughout the ancient world for the miraculous healings he accomplished during his patients' dreams. The salutary results are well documented in classical literature and in thousands of recorded fragments and inscriptions.

For two decades, Dr. Edward Tick has researched and applied this age-old art in contemporary settings. Now he leads us through myth and history on an imaginal pilgrimage based on actual journeys he has made with clients to ancient healing sites. He also provides techniques we can use anywhere, without the help of specialists. His radical model shows how a consulting room, hospital, or any place of rest can be a haven for the recovery of the whole person.

300 pages in a 6" x 9" paperback

ISBN 0-8356-0799-2

The Practice of Dream Healing 500-25$18.95

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