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Essential Oil List (all 100% pure and undiluted unless noted)

Essential Oil List
Availability of oils from all sources:

AC (Aura Cacia)
AC2 (2 ounce Aura Cacia)
ACO (Aura Cacia Organic)
B (Bazaar of India)
TS (Traditional Sources - Wellness & Healing)
W (Wyndmere)
WO (Wyndmere Organic)

AC oils are in 1/2 ounce amber bottles
ACO oils are in 1/4 fl. ounce amber bottles
B oils are in 1 ounce amber bottles
W and WO oils are in 1/3 fl. ounce cobalt bottles unless noted otherwise
TS oils are in a variety of sizes (usually 1/6 or 1/3 ounce). See page for details on that oil
[note: if "2 ml" appears, it means that the oil comes in 1/15 ounce bottle]

allspice berry AC
amber (dark thick) TS
amyris AC
anice seed AC
atlas cedarwood ACO

balsam fir needle AC
basil AC, ACO, W
bay W
bayberry TS
benzoin resin TS
bergamot ACO
birch (sweet) W
bitter almond TS
black pepper W
blue cypress AC

camphor (white) AC
cardamon seed ACO
carrot seed AC
cassia bark (Chinese cinnamon) AC
chamomile (German "blue") TS, AC diluted
chamomile (Roman) W, W diluted
chamomile (wild) AC
cinnamon leaf B, ACO
citronella AC
clary sage AC, ACO
clove bud B, ACO
cumin TS
cypress AC,ACO

dill seed TS
dittany of Crete TS

elemi W
eucalyptus (citriodora "lemon") AC, AC2
eucalyptus (globulus) AC, AC2, WO, N - 16 oz.
eucalyptus (radiata) ACO

fennel (sweet) AC
frankincense AC,
geranium AC, ACO
geranium (bourbon) AC
geranium (rose) TS
ginger AC
grapefruit AC, ACO

heena (henna) B
helichrysum -- see immortelle
hyssop W

immortelle W 2 ml,W diluted

jasmine TS
jasmine absolute W 2 ml, N diluted
juniper W, ACO

khus - see vetiver

labdanum (rock rose) TS
lavender (Bulgarian) W
lavender (French) AC, AC2,ACO, W, N - 16oz
lavender (spike) AC, ACO
lavindin AC, TS, WO
lemon ACO
lemongrass AC, ACO
lime AC

ma'wa (mawa) TS
manuka W
marjoram (sweet) ACO, (wild) W
maychang W
melissa TS
mogra TS
mugwort TS
myrrh AC
myrtle AC

neroli TS, AC diluted
niaouli TS
nutmeg AC

orange (mandarin) AC
orange (sweet) ACO

oregano (wild) W
palmarosa W
parsley TS
patchouli AC, (dark) ACO, (dark sweet) TS
peppermint AC,AC2,ACO, W, N - 16oz
peru balsam AC
petigrain TS
pikaki -- see mogra
pine AC
pinon TS

ravensara ACO, W
rose absolute AC dilute
rose (otto) TS 2 ml
rosemary AC, ACO
rosewood AC
rowan tree TS
rue TS

sage AC
sandalwood AC, W diluted,
spikenard TS
sweetgrass TS

tagetes W
tangerine W
tansy, blue (organic) TS
tea tree ACO,N - 16 oz.
texas cedarwood AC
thyme (white) AC, (wild) W
tulsi (holy basil) TS

valarian TS
vanilla TS,absolute AC diluted
vetiver AC, ACO, B

white sage TS
wintergreen AC

ylang ylang III AC, ACO

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