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The Nontoxic Baby

The Nontoxic Baby 500-6$9.95
Very few people realize the extent to which we live in a sea of toxic and potentially harmful chemicals in our modern society. The industrial revolution, followed by the biochemical and bioengineering revolutions have created conditions that have dramatically altered the ecological balance of nature. Toxic pesticides have upset the food chain. Manufacturing techniques have changed the chemical structure of the atmostphere and the water supply. Foods are loaded with fertilizer and pesticide residues. The air, water and land have all been polluted.

We have even brought these toxic chemicals into our homes. Our furniture and carpeting give off toxic vapors. Our cleaning supplies are strong chemical agents with toxic side effects. The impact is widespread and we see a serious decline in basic health in our society, leading to an overburnened health care system that cannot handle the increasing volume of serious chronic conditions that are occurring. In addition, allergies and acute infections are on the rise, indicating the response of the body to the chemical stress of modern life. For a parent, the idea of creating a safe and healthy environment for the child is of paramount importance. This book is an absolutely essential reference handbook for providing the safest, healthiest choices available for a child living in the modern world. You will not find an outline of the problems involved, but real and practical alternatives and choices set forth in a clear, concise manner.

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