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Health Concern: Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Quick answer: Take the ayurvedic approach to weight loss, including regular aerobic exercise. Replace sugar in your diet with Stevia.

Other Names: Obesity, overweight, weight management, body weight

Description: Health concerns relating to having a greater relative body weight than body height, when lean muscle does not comprise the additional weight.

Cause: Energy not used in physical activity is stored in the body's fat cells. Genetics and environment also contribute to weight.

Common sense approach: Regular aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, yoga, or walking helps to maintain health. Keep a close watch on calories consumed and always know the nutritional value of what you are eating. Refer to www.surgeongeneral.gov for comprehensive information about obesity.

Why the western approach is bad: The west suggests the use of diet pills, usually containing speed and caffeine to increase the amount of calories used by the body. This often causes the body's muscle mass to decrease when not used in conjunction with anaerobic exercise. A tolerance is quickly built up for these drugs. This results in short-term weight loss.

Elvis' recommendation: Ayurveda provides a comprehensive answer to weight loss and maintaining health. After diagnosing the patient (vata, pita, or kapha) and the illness, an ayurvedic practitioner may suggest a nutritional and work-out regimen and may also prescribe herbs such as those found in Slim Aid. If you enjoy herbal tea, you may want to try Fasting Tea, a blend of Ayurvedic herbs.

Sheepish provides many products which can benefit a weight-loss regimen without the adverse side effects of diet pills. A sugar substitute called Stevia can be used in beverages or cooking. It is extremely sweet, contains no calories and is nutritious. Use it instead of sugar to reduce calories.



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